A comprehensive reading project for intermediate learners

In summer of 2009, a committed group of Hindi teachers, journalists, and scholars, while attending a Hindi teaching workshop in the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, decided to set up a non-profit organization to promote Indian culture, heritage and values through the vehicle of Hindi language. The organization, conceived as youth centric, was named Yuva Hindi Sansthan(YHS). The founders, led by Dr. Surendra Gambhir, vowed to work for the sole aim of revitalizing and promoting the heritage language Hindi among the Youths in the United States and other countries.

YHS_Bullet1.pngYHS STARTALK 2015 Speaking Presentations (Intermediate).
YHS_Bullet1.pngYHS STARTALK Hindi Reunion 2014 and YHS Annual Day event, November 22, 2015.
YHS Bensalem STARTALK Summer Hindi Camp 2014
Antarrashtriya Hindi Sammelan 2014
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